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Whore of Babylon Announced

We love and support Jeff Turner. We think he’s the bee’s knees! Buy his book “Sinners in the Arms of an Happy God”. With that said… the prophets have spoken…


New Date for the Rapture

Our resident prophets have come out from their seclusion to give us an urgent message on the rapture… and to inform us of their new line of Holy Water coming out! I can hardly wait!!!

Double Dose of Camel Moose (Rapture and Anti-Christ)

Our favorite prophet comes with TWO messages! One announcing the rapture and one announcing the antichrist. Who would have thought that Lana Del Ray would have such an impact on the prophetic giftings of the Christian church?

But in all seriousness, I love Caleb Miller and Mike Miller! Check out anything they do on Facebook or on their website CLICK HERE or YouTube CLICK HERE. They are honest Christians without all the bullshit.

Care Bears are of the Devil – Camel Moose

Our resident prophet Camel Moose from on high has come down from his mountain top. This time his message is urgent. I URGE you to take this with all seriousness. We must be vigilant, even against the penis worshiping, Satan horned, Wiccan Care Bears.

Heretic Watch – The Place / Cult of Honesty

My good friend Camel Moose (Prophet, Apostle, Roofer) scours the internet to find heretical teachers and groups. His mission: to root out every group that causes you to think, grow, that motivates you to a greater compassion for humanity and call them to REPENTANCE. The first group Camel Moose found is The Place aka The Cult of Honesty aka The New Covenant Group. This is a place where theist and atheist get together and dialog about religion, the bible, philosophy, humanity, in an atmosphere of respect and intellectual honesty. I know, it makes me sick too.

If your looking to grow in love and respect for humanity, stay clear of this heretical group. They can be found HERE and HERE. But please, I beg you, don’t click those links and get involved. I only posted them to test your faithfulness. Think of it as a garden of Eden moment.

(According to Poe’s Law, I should make a disclaimer here. I love New Covenant Group. This is complete nonsense, a spoof, a gag, a joke. Its how I show love. Support the show!!!)

Stunning New Christian Artist

I stumbled accross this little gem on one of my friends Facebook wall. I gotta say, this guy has a lot going for him. If he plays his chips right, he just might make it on one of those Christian radio stations.

This is William Tapley. Who is William? Well, let me list off his credentials. He is the 3rd Eagle of the Apocolypse, Co-Prophet of the End Times, and sports perfect facial hair. Lets also not neglect he shreds those ivory keys like a young Beethoven.

His titles do rise some questions. How does one become an eagle of the Apocalypse? Who are the first and second eagles. Did he have to destroy them to absorb their powers, like Highlander? Or is it a Boy Scout program for older men?

But I digress… without further adieu… I present to you… DOOM AND GLOOM!

My first impressions are that the music is very poppy and uplifting for such a horrific song of total annihilation. I applaud William on this artistic choice. I also appreciate how clearly his annunciation of each word is. And just in case you don’t understand him, fear not! Subtitles are provided. I would have liked to seen a bouncy ball over the word he was singing. Calling what he does as singing is a little bit of a stretch. Its not so much singing, as it is talking clearly at the right tone. But that doesn’t matter! He is doing the Lords work! Finally, I love his lack of empathy as he is singing about millions of people dying. Very rock and roll of him.

I did happen to find another video. Another up and coming prophet. I think this guy is only a Jr. Eagle Scout.