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Why is Jesus Always Coming Back Pissed?

Angry Jesus

This is a song by Michael Hardin from Preaching Peace. I love this dude BUNCHES. Check out his books, YouTube channel, and website.

Why is Jesus Always Coming Back Pissed?
©Michael Hardin

Got on an air-conditioned bus this morning
Read every sign that passed along those city streets
Lady Poverty was in the streets a-borning
But folks still found the time to smile at those they’d meet.

Ahead of me and to my right there rose a steeple
In a world of hate and violence amiss
A symbol of love with a simple sign that read
“Jesus is coming back and boy is He pissed!” Tell me,

Why is Jesus always coming back pissed
In a never-ending rhetoric of apocalypse?
It’s always fire and brimstone that we always kiss
In a story whose love we miss.
Tell me, why is Jesus always coming back pissed?

I was reading yesterday’s bad news in the Post
But reflected that the world still held firm
Though I’m aware of our poison and evil
I don’t believe that we were meant to burn

You find you’re born, you eat, you sleep, you live, you drink, you die
And wonder if you’re worth anything at all
Sure life can suck and then you find it’s over
But who’s to say we didn’t have a ball


At least in the Sixties we had the Jesus movement
We danced and spoke of leave and peace and light
Now all that we’re left with are the dregs of believers
And God forbid, the Christian Right

“Jesus is Just Alright,” said the Doobies
And that’s more credible than most of the shit
You can hear on any given Sunday morning
From the thousands of angry pulpits, Oh tell me,


( (c) Michael Hardin 2010)


Double Dose of Camel Moose (Rapture and Anti-Christ)

Our favorite prophet comes with TWO messages! One announcing the rapture and one announcing the antichrist. Who would have thought that Lana Del Ray would have such an impact on the prophetic giftings of the Christian church?

But in all seriousness, I love Caleb Miller and Mike Miller! Check out anything they do on Facebook or on their website CLICK HERE or YouTube CLICK HERE. They are honest Christians without all the bullshit.

Heretic Watch – The Place / Cult of Honesty

My good friend Camel Moose (Prophet, Apostle, Roofer) scours the internet to find heretical teachers and groups. His mission: to root out every group that causes you to think, grow, that motivates you to a greater compassion for humanity and call them to REPENTANCE. The first group Camel Moose found is The Place aka The Cult of Honesty aka The New Covenant Group. This is a place where theist and atheist get together and dialog about religion, the bible, philosophy, humanity, in an atmosphere of respect and intellectual honesty. I know, it makes me sick too.

If your looking to grow in love and respect for humanity, stay clear of this heretical group. They can be found HERE and HERE. But please, I beg you, don’t click those links and get involved. I only posted them to test your faithfulness. Think of it as a garden of Eden moment.

(According to Poe’s Law, I should make a disclaimer here. I love New Covenant Group. This is complete nonsense, a spoof, a gag, a joke. Its how I show love. Support the show!!!)