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Alternate Ending: Jeff in You, The Hope of Glory

This is an ending written by Sixghun Garrilha to a previous short story I wrote. If you would like to add on to any of my work, I encourage you to do so. Just send me an email or comment and I would be happy to. Enjoy!

Pete runs out the door and down the street to mom’s.
“Jeff!, Jeff!” his dad calls after him.
Jeff wakes up still kicking in his hospital bed, Dad holding him. “Jeff!, Jeff!, you were dreaming again!”

“I had the dream again Dad. I dreamed I was this other kid named Pete, that it was him who broke your watch, and you were really mad about it”.

“You know that watch wasn’t important, son”.

“Yes, I know dad, so why do I keep dreaming this?”

“Well, as you know, our counselor says it’s because you have this cancer, you’re trying to make sense of all the suffering you’re going through, and your dreams show you’re blaming yourself for it”.

“I understand, Dad, but when you’ve punished me in the past, I know it was for my own good and you’ve never been angry like that. It bothers me that I’d dream this about you”.

“You know I love you more than anything, don’t you”

“Yes, Dad”

“Then, first, trust me when I tell you that it’s a bad dream and nothing more. The dream is not about me at all. Secondly, stop blaming yourself for bad dreams, son. They’re only natural to the condition you’re in”.